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Morgan: Our Dancing Angel

Morgan Judd was grace. Morgan’s grace could be found all around her – in her movement on the dance floor, the way she treated others, and the impression she left you with.


Morgan’s grace was natural. From an early age, she was a comforting presence and natural peacemaker. The lone daughter in a family with three temperamental boys, Morgan quickly established herself as the level-headed mediator for any conflict. She had a remarkable ability to empathize and actively listen. When you came to her with your issue, you’d find a welcome embrace, a knowing smile, and thoughtful advice. She was gentle, but not a pushover – her strength came from her kindness. She had the gift of harmony, and brought the best out of everyone who had the fortune of knowing her.


Morgan’s grace was also intentional. One of Morgan’s favorite quotes was, “Happiness is a choice, not a destination.” Morgan consciously chose to exude her light and warmth at every opportunity. In her dance performances, Morgan’s smile stuck out of the crowd, even as she leapt and stretched in impossible ways. She never complained, and always expressed gratitude. She saw the best in people and places, and constantly found ways to make the mundane, delightful. The small moments mattered to Morgan, because she believed that life is the sum of those small moments. She knew that joy was a decision, not a set of circumstances, and actively lived her life to embody that mindset and spread it to others.


Morgan unexpectedly left this world on December 6, 2011. We all miss her beyond words. Even 10+ years since her passing, she continues to amaze and inspire each of us with her peerless example of thoughtfulness, kindness, and grace. We are honored to continue her legacy through the work of the Morgan Judd Foundation.

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